Power & Renewables

Energy demands are expected to grow in the next few years as the global population rises and urbanisation increases, making gas and power an extremely important resource. Extracted from the earth, oil and gas can be refined to produce various energy fuels and materials used in everyday or industrial products


vici energy aims to develop projects in the renewable and non-renewable energy sectors. We harness the unmatched potential of nature to cater to today’s power needs, while looking forward to the future needs of tomorrow. vici has several projects, ranging from geothermal energy to hydroelectric energy with a focus on development, generation, and distribution of electricity.


Our goal is to deploy electricity at the lowest possible cost, while respecting the needs of our clients. Our expertise in dealing with renewable energies and the current energy transition has enabled us to develop a clear vision for the future. We strive to make this vision a reality by helping our clients balance production using renewables and natural gas to reduce dependence on disadvantaged fossil fuels while continuously growing their sustainable footprint.


We help clients develop power solutions for emerging markets. Our team has extensive and diversified experience in project development, finance, and operations, with a successful track record in project execution. We carefully examine the grid requirements and develop generation capacity to safely connect to existing grids whilst planning for growth.