Upstream Oil & gas

Energy demands are expected to grow in the next few years as the global population rises and urbanisation increases, making gas and power an extremely important resource. Extracted from the earth, oil and gas can be refined to produce various energy fuels and materials used in everyday or industrial products.


Moving quickly and efficiently, we capitalize on opportunities, capturing value for our investors. We build our business on the bedrock of deep expertise identifying opportunities in emerging markets, empowering ourselves with cutting edge technologies to generate superior returns.


Our team of scientists, engineers and operations experts utilize tightly integrated geologic and reservoir engineering models to implement field development plans that maximize production considering factors like capital availability, operating costs, production rates and operating life spans.


We are committed to creating long-term value for our customers, by producing oil and gas safely while incorporating the best production practices. We always look out for opportunities to improve. When we partner, we strive to be your partner of choice.