What We Do

vici energy explores, develops, produces and delivers energy to connect our customers around the world with reliable, high quality and cost-effective solutions which serve to improve lives around the world.

A Commitment to Sustainability​

To ensure long term viability, sustainability is at the core of every project we undertake. Our approach considers not only environmental and social impacts, but also how these systems will improve our working environment and the lives of the people that occupy it. We make sure that each project aligns with our promise to deliver quality energy solutions at a competitive price point, efficiently utilizing our resources for as long as possible.


Liquified natural gas is a cleaner, more efficient fuel that can be transported via pipelines and ships. With the world’s major LNG exporters planning to increase their capacity by almost 50% in the coming decades, there is potential for higher volumes of gas to be produced and exported around the globe. vici energy’s forward-looking plans are driven by growing our LNG production and delivery business.